A Senior Thesis Project by Erin Barchet and Morgan Elliott

We are Erin Barchet and Morgan Elliott, two seniors at the Kansas City Art Institute in the Fiber Department. In the midst of a pandemic, we are rethinking our senior thesis, which was interrupted by the COVID-19 shutdown. This project features a Tarot deck illustrated by Morgan, in which she uses her language of flowers to explore the language of Tarot. Tarot is a way to explore ourselves, providing a framework to answer questions through a larger system of symbolism. The project also features tabletop quilts made by Erin, that act as guides for Tarot spreads. We will be exploring tarot through video work, remote tarot readings, photo documentation, and writing. We hope to create connections and inspire introspection in this time of isolation and uncertainty. 

Tarot is an accessible tool used to answer questions relating to oneself or external events/forces, relationships, and people. Tarot sets up a framework for introspection, your influence on the world, and vice versa. It can expand beyond oneself, into questions relating to the world as a whole. Tarot has been used for many years by many people, its honesty and power making it a universal tool.

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